Crossing N. Umpqua River

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Tuesday, March 23, 2021: A new version of the Route is available...
We have just released a new version of the Siskiyou Route. The new version is 20210323. You'll find it here.

Thursday, March 18, 2021: My email address has changed. Please visit the Contact Us page for more info.

Friday, February 12, 2021: Made minor changes to five consists and one wagon. Click here to download them. Put the consist folders in your TRAINS>CONSISTS folder. Put the wagon folder in your TRAINS>TRAINSET folder.

Sunday, February 7, 2021: A new version of the Route is available...
We have just released a new version of the Siskiyou Route. The new version is 20210207. You'll find it here.

Creating Siskiyou Activities for Open Rails...
This project includes a comprehensive manual dealing with creating activities. It covers all of the features specific to Open Rails... especially those pertaining to AI shunting. The manual contains a great many diagrams showing exactly how to set things up. There is example after example showing different AI shunting procedures. Each situation also comes with a Siskiyou activity that you can run. There's all the data needed so that you can even create each of these activities. Along with each situation, there's also a video that shows the activity as it demonstrates each procedure. The downloads for this project are available here.
— IMPORTANT: You must have the latest version of the Siskiyou Route (20210207 or later) to run the activities. See the link above.

Monday, November 9, 2020: Now available for all route builders... If you are looking for hi-res DEM files for a route that you are building, maybe we can help. We have been waiting for several weeks for our contact to find and send us the DEM files that were found to be missing. We've recently been notified that this may take some time and so we are going to make what we currently have processed available now. If you are in need of DEM files for the lower 48 United States start here.

Sunday, August 23, 2020: A lot has been happening behind the scenes. Hundreds of changes have been made to the Route, as well as to many of the support files. Expect to find a new version of the Route as well as a list of items such as ConPacks, WagPacks, and other files in a few days.

Also, all of our DEM files have been created for all of the lower 48 States. We have submitted lists of sections that were missing in hopes that they can locate the missing DEM files. As soon as we receive what they can locate, and update things... we will be making them available for route builders.

Great news for route builders!

I've just spent over two years trying to somehow locate a source for the DEMs that we used to use... you know... the 10 meter 7.5 minute DEMs that are SDTS format... Yep, these are the exact same ones that load directly into your DEMEX program.

So, how many DEM files are there? I am still in the process of receiving more DEMs and it is my hopes that I will soon have the DEMs for the entire United States. At this moment I have almost all of them... That's over 42 thousand files. In other terms... I have thus far acquired over 90 Gigabytes of data.

So, when are they going to be available? Well, at the moment I'm having to open each of the compressed files... access and copy their location... create folders named with that location... and maintain an inventory of what I have and what's missing. I am currently creating maps of each state with grids that show each of the DEM's locations and names. It is my hope that eventually "route builders" will be able to access these maps and use them to select the desired files.

Realilze that this will not happen overnight. According to my calculations just getting them into folders and inventoried may take upwards of two or three months. Don't forget that I can't stop work on the Siskiyou Route. So far the Route is still a one-horse-show and I have to sleep once in a while.

The reason that I'm announcing this now is so that those of you who are working on routes will know that there is an answer on the way. Check back frequently for updates on my progress.


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