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For a very long time I have realized that no matter how much progress I made in developing the actual Siskiyou Route, what was just as important (or even more so) was having Activities that show off the Route. We had to have more than just activities where you simply drove a train from point A to point B while dropping off and picking up cars. The features available inside Open Rails are many and we were in need of a better guide that would make creating "great" activities easy to follow and easy for nearly anyone to learn. Being familiar with the potential inside Open Rails, I decided to create such a guide. And so now, after several months of work, I have just started the final edits of a new publication...

"Creating Siskiyou Route Activities for Open Rails"

I am guessing that those of you who have tried to take advantage of the information inside the Open Rails Manual so that you can create more interesting activities, have found it extremely difficult to put its contents into practice. Soon to be released, this guide to creating activities for the Siskiyou Route or any route makes things clear and easy to learn.

This is not just a written manual... Along with it you will receive numerous activities that demonstrate situations involving AI shunting. You will receive videos that you can watch showing the actual running of each of the activities... and if you want to try running any of the activities, they too are included. You will of course need the Siskiyou Route installed to run them. Along with all of this are file after file loaded with all of the data so that you can do a "hands-on" building of each situation.

Not just a type written manual, but an extensive guide with image after image showing and explaining how to set up the same situation in your own activities.

I must admit that I'm a bit selfish in that it is also my hope that those of you who appreciate all of work that it took to develop this guide... you might take it upon yourselves to create one or more interesting activities for the Siskiyou Route.

Here's a small sample of what's inside this guide...

Coming soon


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